Are you noticing that your home has been more prone to dust lately? Perhaps you’re observing that your bill is sky rocketing as well? You maybe pondering on which appliances you have overused the past month however sometimes problems with bill rising to the roof the reason may be more than your consumption, sometimes your ducts may be the cause! 


So how can you solve your problem regarding your bills getting higher and your home to have lesser dust? Clean your ducts! 

Are you wondering what are the basic steps in cleaning the air ducts of your home? Maybe you are thinking of doing it on your own but then you realized you don’t have the basic equipment for the job?  

If you are looking for the step’s professionals take in order to provide you clean air ducts, then here are the basic steps on how to clean your ducts. 

  1. Inspection 

Inspection is a basic step to every process. Inspecting your ducts is a way to know if there is any buildup in it and a way to know and differentiate the before and after scenario after getting it cleaned. 

Through technology, professionals are able to see through the ducts further through camera probes. Thus, this is a great opportunity to check on possible leakage as well.  

2. Negative Pressure 

Cleaning the air ducts involve the presence of vacuums that are mounted to a truck and this can be a very large equipment to handle. Professionals use this in order to get the debris from the air ducts in your home or office building. However, a step before this involves duct scrubbing and other steps that need to be done first.  

Professionals also seal registers in order to avoid inefficient vacuum since a heavy equipment is involved. After the vital steps, the vacuum is turned on and creates a pressure that is negative thus sucking in the particles that are in the air ducts.  

3. Dust Agitation 

After the negative pressure step, it is now time to get rid of the adhesive covers placed earlier and clean the air ducts properly. Some professionals use disinfectants for a thorough clean and a fresh smelling room after the clean-up 

Some professionals even use brushes that have the ability to rotate to make sure there is very little to no lodged dust or dirt in the air ducts of your home or office building.  

4. Final Clean 

After cleaning the air ducts, it also brings significant cleanliness if the filters are cleaned or changed thus ensuring a better quality of air as you stay in the comfort of your home.  

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