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Three important words summarize the benefits of Telekenex Managed Ethernet: Reliable, Scalable, and Flexible.

Reliable – Managed Ethernet is built from the foundation of reliability by using multi-paired delivery from Telekenex private network to the customer premise. If one pair fails, the connection automatically routed to the other pairs without you knowing it. Points of failure are also addressed with standard Ethernet handoff and simple equipment implementation. On the customer side, the only equipment deployed is an Ethernet device, no routers required.

Scalable – You select the bandwidth you need, from 5 Mbps up to 45 Mbps. As your business grows, Managed Ethernet grows along with you. You can easily increase bandwidth from 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps without having to install additional hardware.

Flexible – Delivered as a fully functional Layer 2 solution, Managed Ethernet supports segmentation of one circuit for point-to-point connection and can suppport multiple services. For example, a Managed Ethernet connection with 10 Mbps can be partitioned to support Internet, VoIP, and video conferencing, each with its own dedicated bandwidth capacity.


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